Nick Saffan

I've been a photographer since at six years old my parents handed me a Polaroid and let me chase snakes in the park. My photojournalism seeks to combine visual and multimedia story-telling with my love of travel, social issues, and breaking news. I love cutting edge technology like bots, VR, and mobile products.

My influences vary from historical masters such as Garry Winogrand to contemporary artists such as Nonny de la Peña.  Publications that I enjoy range from classical journalism innovators such as National Geographic and The Washington Post. To more modernly designed publications like The Plain Dealer and Another Escape.

I have successfully been published both domestically and internationally with a variety of papers/magazines/websites, including The Jewish Press, the Stetson University Magazine, Stetson Today, IsraPresse, Actualité Juive, The Times of Israel, and TLV1.   Additionally, my artwork and photography have been displayed and competed in exhibitions in my university’s art gallery.

I am currently a fellow at The Poynter Institute for Media Studies and have interned as a photographer in Jerusalem, Israel.